Peconic River in the Fall
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OSSP Goals and Objectives
The primary program objectives are:

  • Skill Development—Students learn scientific protocol, analytical techniques and data collection and analysis skills.  Teachers learn new skills through workshops and peer interaction.
  • Responsibility - Students develop a sense of civic responsibility as they become an integral part of stewardship of public lands within their own communities.
  • “Real Life” Application - Provide curriculum relevance through participation in a meaningful and authentic scientific endeavors while meeting State and National teaching standards.
  • Community Involvement - Both students and teachers will have the opportunity to present findings and learn through discussions with environmentalists, scientists and elected officials.
  • Enhanced Learning – Teachers will learn new skills through workshops and peer interaction.  Students will have an enhanced learning experience through an interactive relationship with environmentalists, scientists and government officials.
  • Results - Data collected will provide important information for land owners (State, County, Town, etc.) to enhance stewardship and management decisions.  Students will present independent scientific research papers at various forums.

This program is designed to:

  • Benefit land stewards in the management of their property
  • Help students to learn about the scientific process through working with real-life data in the field.
  • Promote scientific literacy
  • Encourage students to consider careers in science and technology.
  • Foster a sense of civic responsibility and respect for open space property in participating students.
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